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The Growth Leadership Show #4 - Ben Harmanus

On Building Resilience and Learning How to Fail.

On Building Resilience and Learning How to Fail

About the Guest

🤙 Street Cred: Head of Brand Marketing at HubSpot, founder and host of HubSpots Digital Helpdesk Podcast, Author of the book Content Design.

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🧰 Show Notes:

After listening, you'll understand: 🤓

  • How to Better Represent Women in Tech
  • How to Measure the Success of a Podcast
  • How Extreme Sports Taught Ben to Become A Resilient Leader
  • 3 Ways to Improve the Podcast Experience for the Guest and the Audience
  • How You Can Train Yourself to “Fail Better”
  • Why Helping Others Succeed is Such a Vital Part of Your Career
  • Why it's worth investing in a personal coach
  • How to Effectively Work as a Team to Build a Podcast

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