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The Growth Leadership Show #14 - Christopher Lochhead

How to Radically Differentiate And Create Your Own Niche

How to Radically Differentiate And Create Your Own Niche

Chris Lochhead is the leading voice in the field of category design and radical differentiation. He’s also the co-author of two Amazon bestselling books on the topic called Niche Down and Play Bigger.

🤙 Street Cred: Author of two #1 Amazon Bestsellers, Podcaster and Entrepreneur

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Topics Discussed:

  • What is category design and radical differentiation?
  • How can a company differentiate itself
  • Dealing with a boss who doesn’t believe in radical differentiation and niching down
  • The distinction between missionaries and mercenaries in business
  • Category creation for small businesses
  • Why to focus on one thing and to be the best at it, rather than being okay at a lot of things.
  • Category designers can change the world in their image
  • The hero's journey and how you can tell a brand story
  • Why people love game changers and how you can capitalize on it

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