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The Growth Leadership Show #15 - Rosie Sherry

How To Build A Transformational Community For Your Business

How To Build A Transformational Community For Your Business

Rosie Sherry knows a lot about community building. She's currently the community lead at Orbit and previously led all things community at IndieHacker.com (over 140k members) and before that built her own one at Ministry of Testing to over 25k members.

🤙 Street Cred: Community Lead at Orbit, former community lead at IndieHackers and founder at Ministry of Testing.

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Conversation Topics Covered:

  • Kindness is the best community "strategy"
  • The importance of a crossover between marketing and community
  • How to transform an audience into a community
  • Selling community building to executives and investors
  • How to make your community more human and less "businessy"
  • Building communities a purpose-driven community
  • How to integrate events into the community experience
  • On growing local communities
  • The similarities between parenting and community building
  • Rosie’s message for people who want to start a community

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