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The Growth Leadership Show #18 - Ross Simmonds

The B2B Content Distribution Playbook for Startups

The B2B Content Distribution Playbook for Startups

🤙 Street Cred: Ross Simmonds is the CEO and founder of Foundation, a B2B content marketing agency.

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Conversation Topics:

  • Ross’ content-philosophy explained: “Create once and distribute forever”
  • The role of a content distributor in your business
  • The split between content creation and distribution
  • The content that is best suited for ongoing distribution
  • Why it's important to deeply understand a social platform
  • Analysis of your competitors' content distribution tactics
  • How to do Influencer marketing in B2B
  • How to include your employees in the content distribution strategy
  • The system from content idea to distribution
  • The early days of content marketing
  • Content Framework: Educate, engage, entertain
  • Start by understanding where your audience is

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