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6 Legit Reasons To Start A Business Podcast

You know I am a huge advocate of (video-) podcasting for businesses. It's just such a fantastic way to get your brand out there and get people to talk about your company.
6 Legit Reasons To Start A Business Podcast

If you've been reading this publication for a while, you know I am a huge advocate of (video-) podcasting for businesses. It's just such a fantastic way to get your brand out there and get people to talk about your company.

A brand is not your logo or website. It's your reputation. This is is a practical example of how you can build one.

What's the right podcast format for a business?

While there are dozens of different formats out there on how you can structure your podcast, I personally prefer and have gotten great results with interview podcasts. You might think there are a dozen companies doing this kind of podcasts in your industry already, but for the reasons outlined further down in this article, it will bring results for you too if you put in the work.

Here's how I approached this in the past:

  1. Think about an anchor-topic that interests you, is under-covered in your industry and is highly relevant for your target audience.
  2. Go to your sales team and ask them to make a list of their Top 100 dream customers (if you don't have a sales team, get it from the management team or do it yourself).
  3. Identify and make a list of the decision makers at those companies. Now do some research and make a third list on who you think are the heroes of those decision makers? Who would they listen to?
  4. Okay, now you got a hyper targeted prospecting list of potential clients and the people that influence them. Reach out to both groups and ask them if they would have a 30-60min conversation on air with you. If you did a good job on step number one, most will say yes because you give them a platform to share their ideas about a topic they care about.

Here are the top 6 reasons why this works so well

  1. You Have a Podcast - A Repository of Long-form Audio and Video Content. Just think about this for a second. The idea that you can have your target buyers listening to, and talking on YOUR podcast for 30+ minutes is ridiculous on its own.
  2. You have a Never-Ending Stream of Micro-Content for LinkedIn or Instagram. Post-produce the content into short video or audio clips that are published through personal and company pages on LinkedIn. Link to the podcast in the comments for free user acquisition. Use quotes and stories from your conversations to write short posts and tag your guests.
  3. You Network with Thought Leaders. The people you talk to usually have an audience of their own. And even if they don't, they are certainly credible influencers in your space who now have heard of your product. Plus you get to talk to and hang out with the smartest people in your industry!
  4. You engage in Buyer-Centric Prospecting. Invite the decision maker of your target accounts onto your podcast and talk to them like a human. Seems like a better strategy than running banner ads for e-book downloads.
  5. You do Market Research. Marketers never talk to customers. Here’s your chance to talk to your wishlist ICP buyers (or their influencers) on a weekly basis for FREE. Even if you don't care about all the other points on this list, this one alone will make the whole effort worth it. You will learn so much about how they think, what their challenges are and ultimately how you can help them achieve their goals.
  6. Nurture Active Pipeline and Closed Lost Deals. A far better version of an automated email nurture or “checking in” Sales emails. Where the content is fresh and actually delivers value. You are always top-of-mind without being annoying.

Build a Content Machine

It feels like a no-brainer to me. Imagine if you started a podcast today about a core topic for your business/your customers and published one episode per week. You would have had a conversation with 52 potential customers and influencers in your space:

  • You would have 52 videos to build a YouTube channel
  • You would have 52 articles for SEO to help build traffic to your site
  • You would have 52 clips for social media to build your following (probably a lot more!)
  • You would have 52 quotes to pull for LinkedIn or Instagram
  • You could turn all that content into an ebook with the best learnings around your topic
  • You could learn from the best episodes which content your audiences wants and build an event around those topics

This one "anchor" show will give you all of the leverage you need to build the content machine you require to build a brand today.

Or how Dave Gerhardt likes to say:

Don’t build a marketing team. Build a media company for your niche.